Medicine and Mind: Unlocking the Hidden Potential

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By Gaurav pathania

Medicine and Mind: Unlocking the Hidden Potential

By: Gaurav pathania

In a world of 8 billion individuals, only a mere 5% of the population truly comprehends the incredible power of the human brain. Ancient India was home to remarkable saints who tapped into their brain’s full capacity. So, what would happen if humans could utilize 100% of their brain? This article delves into the vast powers of the mind and explores the impact of medicine on cognitive abilities, discussing various issues, diseases, and the essential habits that contribute to a healthy and blissful life.

How much of the brain do common people and scientists use?

Albert Einstein, renowned for his groundbreaking scientific work and development, famously operated with an extraordinary mind. Despite his brilliance, he is estimated to have used only 5% of his brain’s potential. This leads us to ponder how much of their brain the average person utilizes. Surprisingly, it amounts to a mere 2-3%, with the possibility of reaching 4% over a lifetime through dedicated effort and accumulating knowledge. But what would happen if humans unlocked the remaining 96-98% of their minds? The following sections will explore the possibilities.

The Law of Attraction: Exploring the Power of the Mind

In our early education, we encounter Newton’s third law, which states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Similarly, the Law of Attraction works with our thoughts. When one constantly dwells on negative thoughts, they inadvertently attract negative experiences. Conversely, focusing on positive thoughts, such as envisioning financial abundance, sets the universe in motion to manifest those desires. Many individuals face dissatisfaction in their lives due to unfulfilled expectations and monotonous jobs they detest. However, by understanding and harnessing the Law of Attraction, we can transform our lives.

Exploring the Possibilities of the Mind

To experience the boundless joy that life offers, it is crucial to comprehend the mind’s potential. Ancient saints and exceptional individuals like Ravana, the devout worshipper of Lord Shiva, serve as remarkable examples. Ravana possessed immense power, unrivaled intelligence, and knowledge that surpassed the boundaries of Earth. His profound understanding of the mind and its capabilities enabled him to become a magnificent doctor, a master magician, a formidable warrior, and a highly skilled teacher and politician. The human mind knows no bounds and can achieve anything. By tapping into its infinite possibilities, we can become healers, achieve prosperity, enjoy optimal health, and manifest our deepest desires effortlessly.

Coding the Mind for Healing

The Intersection of Medicine and the Mind
Consider the story of a retired army personnel who unknowingly battled blood cancer. Shielded from the truth by his family, he continued his daily routine with utmost dedication, consuming medicines prescribed by his doctors. His spirits remained high, and he exhibited strength and well-being comparable to his days in the army. However, when he accidentally discovered the truth and dwelled upon his condition, his health deteriorated rapidly, and his focus shifted solely to his illness. This incident highlights the immense power of the mind. To effectively code our minds for healing, it is imperative to understand that the human body is a remarkable chemical factory capable of producing any required substances. Unfortunately, our unhealthy lifestyle choices weaken this factory. By embracing proper nutrition, leveraging the law of attraction, and engaging in practices like meditation, yoga, and self-control, we can reprogram our minds for optimal healing. The possibilities that lie ahead are infiniteā€”unlocking powers, attaining wealth, nurturing relationships, and experiencing vibrant health.


This article has delved into the awe-inspiring power of the human mind and its vast possibilities. By decoding the mind and integrating medicine, we can tap into our inherent ability to heal and transform our lives. In future articles, we will explore the power of healing mantras, the significance of chakras, the art of meditation, and the profound impact of mudras.

Stay tuned as we embark on a journey of self-discovery and unlock the extraordinary potential within ourselves.

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