36 Idiom and phrases

By: Gaurav pathania

Language resembles an enchanting realm, where words and expressions awaken, creating vivid tapestries in our conversations. Idioms, those captivating fragments of wonder, bestow charm and profoundness upon our language. In this captivating composition, we cordially invite you to accompany us on a mesmerizing voyage through the mystical universe of idioms and expressions, focusing exclusively on those commencing with the letter “A.”

Within the depths of this manuscript, a boundless treasury of 36 idioms and expressions awaits, meticulously handpicked to enrapture your imagination and elevate your linguistic aptitude. Each idiom and expression carry a unique significance, offering invaluable insights into life, culture, and the intricacies of human encounters.

From widely recognized idioms such as “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” to lesser-known jewels like “All thumbs,” this anthology shall kindle your inquisitiveness and expand the boundaries of your linguistic panorama.

Yet, we shall not leave you solely with the mere compendium of phrases. Accompanying each idiom, an elucidating exposition awaits, breathing life into its essence and empowering you to confidently incorporate it into your own conversations.

Whether you are an ardent devotee of language, a diligent student yearning to enhance your lexical repertoire, or simply an individual who cherishes the resplendence of language, this opus is tailored to captivate your senses. Together, let us embark on this delightful odyssey, venturing into the realm of idioms and expressions, commencing with the distinguished letter “A.”

Are you prepared to unlock hidden enigmas, broaden the horizons of your linguistic abilities, and imbue your conversations with an enchanting allure? Accompany us as we submerge ourselves in the world of idioms and expressions, where language thrives and pulsates with each uttered phrase. Let the journey commence!

1- A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush – It’s better to hold onto something you have rather than risk losing it by trying to get more.

2- A dime a dozen – Something that is very common or easily obtained.

3- A drop in the bucket – A small and insignificant amount compared to what is needed.

4- A penny for your thoughts – A polite way of asking someone what they are thinking or feeling.

5- A picture is worth a thousand words – Visual images can convey meanings more effectively than words alone.

6- A watched pot never boils – Time seems to move slower when you’re waiting for something.

7- Actions speak louder than words – What someone does is more significant than what they say.

8- Against all odds – Despite facing great difficulties or challenges.

9- All ears – Listening attentively or eagerly.

10- All for one, one for all – Everyone should support and work together for the common good.

11- All in a day’s work – Something that is expected or part of one’s regular responsibilities.

12- All in the same boat – Sharing the same situation or circumstances.

13- All talk and no action – Someone who speaks a lot but doesn’t take any real action.

14-All that glitters is not gold – Something may appear valuable or desirable but may not be as good as it seems.

15- All thumbs – Being clumsy or awkward.

16-All’s fair in love and war – In certain situations, any type of behaviour is acceptable.

17- An apple a day keeps the doctor away – Eating healthy can help prevent illnesses.

18- An arm and a leg – Something that is excessively expensive or costly.

19- An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – It’s better to prevent a problem than to try to fix it later.

20- As cool as a cucumber – Remaining calm and composed in a stressful situation.

22-As easy as ABC – Something that is very simple or straightforward.

23- As fit as a fiddle – Being in excellent physical health.

24- As good as gold – Well-behaved or trustworthy.

25- As light as a feather – Very lightweight.

26- As old as the hills – Very old or ancient.

27- As quick as a wink – Happening or doing something very quickly.

28- As quiet as a mouse – Very quiet or silent.

29- As solid as a rock – Very strong and reliable.

30- As stubborn as a mule – Extremely obstinate or unwilling to change.

31- As the crow flies – In a straight line, without any detours.

32- At the crack of dawn – Very early in the morning.

33- At the drop of a hat – Immediately or without hesitation.

34- At the eleventh hour – At the last possible moment.

35- At wit’s end – Feeling frustrated and unsure of what to do.

36-Axe to grind – Having a personal reason or motive behind one’s actions or opinions.

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